Mark Duin helps small businesses owners and individuals to maximize their potential and their performance so they can experience an Extraordinary Life of Passion that is meaningful, rewarding, fulfilling and fun, and that enables them to have an extremely positive impact in this world!

Despite the fact he was a street dwelling drug addict in his early 20’s, and a 9th grade dropout till age 27 (and still doesn’t have a college degree!), Mark is blessed to have found a way to create Extraordinary Success in All Areas of Life. His life is an amazing testament to the truth that you can be, do, and have almost anything you desire in life, if you’re willing to learn how.

Here Mark is one of 4 Executives Featured in This Corporate Video:

Today Mark is a Director Level executive for a Leading Technology Integrator. He has held positions of leadership on the Sprint 800 Users Advisory Board, represents Sirius Computer Solutions on Cisco Systems Partner Advisory Board, and participates on an Advisory Council for the Salvation Army.

In business, Mark has been referred to as “The Business Gandhi”, because of his focus on transforming the world of business through the practice of sound spiritual (success) principles. He recently founded Business Without Limits (a business excellence training company) to help small business owners and solopreneurs to achieve their dreams of real business success!

Not only is Mark incredibly successful in his career, he applies sound principles to all areas of his life. Today he lives completely debt free and enjoys a successful 27+ year marriage to his awesome wife. Mark believes that success in any area of life is not determined by our circumstances; instead success is the result of following an effective process. A process that anyone can learn and apply.

Mark is the Author of “Superpowers – The Missing Dimension In Your Success!” and “Job Search Strategies to Find a Good Job Fast!” Both currently 5 Star rated books on

His life journey has given him a unique perspective that enables him to work with and relate to people from all walks of life! Mark believes that real success is being true to your soul and using your unique talents to make this world a better place for all of us!

He strives to lead by example and is passionate about helping others to overcome their challenges and openly shares his knowledge and experiences on how to Live An Extraordinary Life Every Day!

Mark lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife of more than twenty seven years and their four children.