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Dayo Olomu (UK) – International Speaker and Author

“In discovering my purpose, I was introduced to a process by Mark Edward Duin… It involved answering six questions in which the answers revealed to me what I wanted to do in life.”

Dayo Olomu International Speaker – Trainer – Peak Performance Coach – One of the Top Motivational Speakers in the U.K




Marilyn Rodriguez – The Single Moms Coach

“Mark is brilliant in his work. His approach goes straight to the core and if you do what he asks you to do, there is no way you can’t succeed. My life has changed because of the work I have done with Mark. My career and overall life reflects the levels of success I used to dream of! Thank you Mark!”





“Mark is a true inspiration! What sets Mark apart from all others is simple…he teaches from experience and not restating what he’s read!”






“I have had the opportunity to experience Mark’s videos and teaching methods recently and have found him to be concise, approachable and spot on, in his insights. I appreciate all he has done to open me, and many others, to new lines of thinking. Mark willingly takes leadership to a new level and I thank him for that.”

Nancy Solman




When I met Mark in March, I was looking for a new job – a job that I “want to” do. But the career search was tougher than I expected. I was getting one rejection letter after another and my confidence was sinking lower and lower. That’s when Mark recommended his books, “Job Search Secrets to Find a Good Job Fast” and “SUPERPOWERS”. His books totally changed the way I look at the career search! Mark taught me how to stay positive and persistent. My approach was way too passive! His best advice was not to take rejections personal, which was so hard to do. He said to me, “They don’t even know you!” and I was saved by his comment. Three months later, I landed on my dream job! I highly recommend his books to all job seekers! I cannot thank Mark enough for his support and encouragement through this process. THANK YOU!!!!


Ed Green

Hi Mark,
Your speech was outstanding, and it was a thrill to participate in the Division B International Speech Contest with you, Amy, and Lori. I was happy to give the best speech of my Toastmasters career, and was even more enthralled by both the unbelievable talent I enjoyed and the inspiration I received. You’re a wonderful speaker, Mark, making real differences in the lives of others. You certainly touched a lot of lives with your message: Being Weird. (Correctly spelled “W.E.R.D!)



In my 3+ years of experience with Mark and his work, he’s time and time again shown himself to be a sincere, supportive and generous teacher who really walks his talk. He shares wisdom from a grounded place of experience and is well-spoken and clear in his delivery. The thing I love most is that Mark breaks down the concepts into step by step pieces so that listeners can readily integrate new techniques into their own lives, for practical growth and transformation. The fact that he’s lived the things he’s discussing adds a dose of inspiration to the mix



Mark´s generosity and goodness can be felt!


Perianne Tassel (Tasmania, Australia)

Since Mark has come into my life he has proven to be a truly talented and multi-dimensional person with the ability to achieve whatever he chooses. His can-do approach, his compassion and generosity are truly awesome! We have started a journey together which I know is going to be of immense value to me. I recognize that he provides this value to all who have the pleasure of working with him. Thank you, Mark.


Lubna (Ireland)

Mark is truly inspirational, he has made me look at a number of things in a different light! I am totally skeptical and very down to earth but there’s so much Mark has said that is making me change my points of view. Many thanks to Mark for all his hard work and his undying faith in people! Very remarkable person.



I believe that Mark has the natural instinct to teach people, and he lives what he teaches. But even more so, I’d say his desire to see others benefit from what he has learned is the most important thing, he gives unconditionally.